Why Attitude Gives You a Winning Edge?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines Attitude as “a mental position with regard to a fact or state” and “a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state.” Therefore, one can choose the Attitude because it could be a state of the mind or a feeling or emotion that one generates towards their life.

In the Book “today matters,” John Maxwell accounts for Attitude as one of the critical ingredients that ensure your success. So, lets dig a little deeper to see the role attitude plays in your success.

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How then does Attitude provide the winning edge?

A person with the right Attitude will

Focus on the possibilities

When you come across an opportunity, what are your first thoughts about it? Do you feel excited, cautious, or pessimistic? The emotional position you take on will affect how you react to the opportunity and the way you perform in executing the task.

An appropriate attitude may be chosen based on where you decide to focus. For example, if you focus on the possibilities the experience will bring to you, you are set to choose a better attitude.

When you focus on the facts present in the experience and not on your feelings, you are also bound to choose the right Attitude.

Maxwell asserts that having the right Attitude will put you on the right track. And if one starts on the right track, the chances of ending up in the right destination are greater.

Usually, get a good response from others

When we interact with others, people usually respond to us the same way we communicate with them. The Attitude we have determines the way we treat others. For example, if you greet a person with a smile, often you are greeted back with a smile as well.

If you are combative in your interaction, be surprised when the person in front of you snaps back at you. It is important to remember that your attitude influences to Attitude towards you. So if you are keen on having good conversations with others, remember the secret is in your portrayal of the Attitude.

“All things being equal, Attitude wins. All things not being equal, Attitude sometimes still wins.” John Maxwell

You can increase your influence

A person with a great attitude will soon attract people who want to be around them. Attitude attracts. The right Attitude makes everything around them better. The atmosphere around those people is fresh and clear, one that adds and does not take away.

The people around you pick up on your mindset, beliefs, and approaches to challenges increase your possibilities. As you focus on the opportunities in an experience, you are set to accomplish more than one who misses the opportunity because they set their sights on the difficulties.

When you attract others, your influence increases, and you become more valuable and a natural leader.

“You cannot have a bad attitude and encourage others at the same time.” John Maxwell

For you to lead and influence others, you need to have a good attitude. One that attracts others towards you sees the opportunities that exist, one that looks for the strengths in others, one that seeks to teach, guide, and not judge.

Right Attitude, then, is an antivirus program that you install in your mind to keep negativity from corrupting its performance.

How to Maintain the Right Attitude?

Maxwell, in his books, a prayer that he came across, I will share that here.

Dear Lord,

So far today, I am doing all right. I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or self-indulgent. I have not whined, cursed, or eaten any chocolate. However, I will get out of bed in a few minutes, and I will need a lot more help after that. Amen

I am not saying it is easy. Each one of us struggles with it from time to time. The question to ask yourself is which Attitude is dominating your life right now?

Find a positive buddy

The first thing you can do to improve your Attitude is to surround yourself with others who already maintain a good attitude. They are like eagles flying high above the people who express a negative attitude. You are better off overcoming the negativity rather than doing it alone.

Say something positive in every conversation

It is one of the ways for you to practice maintaining a good attitude throughout the day. Look for ways to compliment the person you are conversing with. Be genuine and authentic in your interactions will increase your influence and your leadership. Start with a goal to appreciate two people every day, keep achieving it, and see the changes that bring in your life.

Delete negativity

In your conversations, adopt the language that enforces your good Attitude. Maxwell suggests using words such as I can, I will, I’m confident, I’m sure, absolutely, etc., in your conversation. Deleting alone leaves a vacuum, so fill it with gratitude.

Earlier I mentioned that the right Attitude is an antivirus program. Gratitude is the daily update that the program needs to perform at an optimum level.

Amy Vanderbilt, journalist and etiquette book author, says, “When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the food things in our lives.”

You start a positive cycle by thinking about the good things rather than the bad. It then becomes a self-fueling vehicle that keeps you going.

The Attitude then is a mindset that you have a chance to choose each morning. Being grateful is the self-fueling engine that drives it. Only you have the power to change your Attitude as you have the ability to select the right Attitude. As with any change, maintaining the right Attitude is gradual. You can get there by being intentional and adding gratitude to your daily routine.

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