The Role of Your Health in Your Success

The fact of the matter is that health often plays a significant role in the quality and quantity of life you get to enjoy. Yet, most of us ignore our body needs and tend to take things for granted. In some cases, a pet in the family receives greater attention than the owner. Careful attention is given to the kind of food purchased, and the pet is fed at appropriate times with suitable quantities. Do we pay the same level of attention to our bodies?

Why do many people live their lives at the expense of their health? What makes one focus their attention on their health? In the book, Today Matters, John Maxwell shares 4 reasons to help you focus on your health.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
  • Having a purpose to worth living for
  • Doing the work you love
  • Finding the right pace
  • Having a good sense of self-worth

Successful want to care about their health because

They have a purpose worth living

What is your purpose in life? Do you have one? What does it involve? For some, it is about their family; for others, it is their role in their society and the lives they impact. When you have a purpose, you automatically want to live long enough to live out that purpose.

I agree with Maxwell; having the drive gives you the motivation to live. Having a purpose helps you design a big picture for your life and look to it every day. It motivates you to live your life ensures the success of your purpose. If a person does not have any purpose, it becomes tough to find the motivation they need when there is no hope in the future.

“You can create purpose in a single moment, and it can affect people for the rest of their lives.” Kevin John Delaney

Looking for a bigger cause than yourself where you can make a difference and deciding that you will use your knowledge, talent, and skill set to effect a change gives you the purpose you are looking for.

Doing the work you love

Over 60 percent of the people don’t enjoy the work they do. Why don’t people enjoy the work they do? Maxwell points out two possible reasons. One, they do work they think is not important. When you see that you add value to yourself and others, you are driven to do more of the work. If you work for a large organization in a very long work chain and don’t get to see your work’s results, you are bound to feel that your efforts are useless.

Two, when people work in an area of their weakness, they face more failure and a sense that they are not good. It then affects their attitude and their output. How would you know if you are working in an area of your strength or your weakness? Working in an area of your strength gives you more energy. Even when you make mistakes, you are challenged by them and not threatened by them. Do you love the work that you do? If you are part of the statistic that does not enjoy their job, which one of the two are you?

Finding your strength zone will take some time and exploration. It is not obvious for most of us, so it is a journey filled with trial and error, the counsel of others, and personal experience. Exposing yourself to a variety of experiences will help you find what you are interested in. It starts with an interest, and then when you add hard work to it, and you start to see the results, you will know if you are doing the work you love.

Finding the right pace

A vehicle gives the best mileage when driven at an optimum speed. Mickey Mantle reportedly said, “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” If you are looking to avoid burnout, then you should avoid continually running at a pace faster than you are capable of. On the other hand, if you choose a too slow pace, you will become lazy.

You need to find a path that is neither exhausting nor one that makes you lazy. How would you judge your current pace? Do you need to slow down or speed up?  Marathon runners work to find a pace that they would like to maintain over many miles and long periods of time. You are looking to do the same thing. When you have a weekly plan with the roles required of you, and you have allotted a set amount of time for each of them, you should be able to find your pace relatively soon.

Having a good sense of self-worth

What is your identity? Your identity determines your self-worth. Another way to think about this is who do you think you are? You need to accept the identity that you are here to add value to others’ lives. You are a healthy individual, you work to bring value to the life of others, and you are a successful person.

“It is no exaggeration to say that a strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.” Dr. Joyce Brothers

Psychologist Joyce Brothers say, “An individual’s self-concept affects every aspect of human behavior. The ability to learn… the capacity to grow and change… the choice of friends, mates, and careers. It is no exaggeration to say that a strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.”

Your identity drives you to success. I ask again, what is your identity?

 We need our bodies to be in optimum condition to do the work that we enjoy doing. An unhealthy body neutralizes our ability to be a productive part of society. As the old saying goes, “Health is wealth” and “when money is lost, something is lost, but when health is lost, everything is lost.” What have you done to take care of your health today?  Remember, today is all you have. I am now going to go and play some tennis, how about you?

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